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About Jane

GI Jane Personal Training has evolved from years and years of experience. It was born from love. It was created from necessity, and has always kind of “been there.” As a fitness instructor for well over 22 years I developed the name “GI JANE” because of my intensity and passion to class and training. It was a nickname. When my career changed and I branched out to become independent, it seemed the logical choice and I am so proud to stand strongly behind it.

Mission: To Provide fun, goals driven, and unique personal and group training services.
Vision: To be the recognized mobile personal trainer and small group instructor in our region.
Core values: Integrity, play, leadership, creativity, contribution and compassion.
I am driven to ensure that YOUR goals are met, through HOPE, compassion, HARD WORK and most importantly, FUN!

I am a health care provider (some say I'm the best therapist they've ever had), a personal trainer of 16 years, and a Fitness and Wellness coach for 22 years. I have had the wonderful experiences of certifications that led me to TRAIN trainers and instructors, and have led many people into the special role of helping others towards greatness. Proudly being one of the first batch of Canadians to become Zumba Fitness certified, I broke new ground with introducing ZUMBA to our area, and love where it has gone.

"When I started training with Jane I was 240 pounds. With what I learned from working out with her I am now down to 175! Thanks a lot for the help!"
- V. Story

"Love Jane's class, vibrant full of fun and rainbows, literally we had rainbows!"
- D. Brown

GI Jane Workout Training

"I still remember the first time I took a class with Jane and thought 'she better be good'. Well, guess what she is! Since then I have only be doing fitness classes and have even become a fitness leader because of Jane. She pulled me out of my perceived limits and got me teaching, only because she makes it look like fun. And it is!"
- C.K

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