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Whole Lotta Shakin Goin ON!!

The newest thing in exercise technology - has finally arrived. Yes, now all you have to do to get that bikini body, is stand on a vibrating plate for 12 minutes and watch the fat melt away. The "vibration plate", now popping up in fitness clubs worldwide and you reap physical benefits equivalent to a 90-minute strenuous weight-training workout. It's truly amazing!!!

Been there...done that, sort of.  Remember the Slendertone? You have to strap your belly up to a few electrodes a couple of times a week, allow your muscles to receive electrical stimulus, and the memory of those food binges and Christmas holidays will melt away. In actuality you also need to be on a very restrictive diet and involve some intense cardio vascular training to FIND those abs in there.

The allure of "no pain, much gain" exercise techniques is, none the less, budding. These new vibration plates do seem, at first glance, to make exciting claims. Research in sports technology states that there is solid science behind the idea, but it has been used for a while by high-performance sports people to perfect their performance.

The idea behind "whole body vibration" is that frequent, vigorous vibrations cause instability in the muscles which contract to stabilize themselves. This uses 100% of their capacity, which over time, makes the muscles more toned and dense.

Vibration training also affects your body's "neuromuscular function". Essentially, the muscle learns that 'this is a very important action', and remembers how to do it well. This explains why it is particularly good for athletes whose bodies need to learn good techniques. It also explains why vibration machines are used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation.

But is it for your average unfit exercise-phobe? Studies have shown that the vibration plate did increase muscular strength and power in "non-athletes" - although it did not measure how long such benefits lasted. If you only showed up at the gym in order to stand on a vibration plate for a few minutes, you will not transform into a bikini model for sports illustrated. It does not replace cardio vascular training, weight bearing exercise and flexibility, and those good old releases of endorphins. I spoke to a woman a while ago and she said “Oh it works great! I did 50 squats on it and my thighs were soooo sore.”...My question is, if you did 50 squats on the floor wouldn’t you be as sore? Just asking. To get aerobic fitness, you have to move.

Another point....don't think, though, that you can pull off "just" jogging. If you want overall fitness you have to do "resistance" training such as lifting weights (or vibrating on a plate) to make your muscles more dense and strong.

I always say "if it looks too good to be true it generally is." Give it a try and be the judge for yourself.

Buyer user be ware.....hit the pavement and the gym, and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Yours in Health,

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