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Before you read this the following posing questions.

You think life is getting better all the time.
When it comes to work or school, you enjoy a challenge.
You rarely compare your clothes, money, or possessions to those of your friends.
You enjoy giving to others, unconditionally.
You enjoy being around people.
You eat when you are sad or frustrated.
You relieve your stress by.....
You feel like your life is on the right track.
You aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe.
There is enough time in your life to take care of yourself.
You have a strong positive attitude that has gotten you through tough times.
When you feel confused, you just step back and remember that things will work themselves out.
When you fail at something, you try to make the most of the experience anyway.
You are proud of who you are.
You don't take yourself seriously. Not at all.
You believe that finding meaning and happiness in life is something you have to do for yourself. 
You feel like you can be yourself around your friends.
You let negative feelings go quickly. You rarely feel lonely.
You feel like you have control over your life.
Over your life, you've learned a lot - and grown emotionally.
Life is good. You truly appreciate what you have. Do you?

Yesterday I met with a new client. She is a beautiful woman who has struggled through many endeavours and wants to find herself. I was so excited when she spoke about her passion for food. It made me realize that sometimes I worry too much about the salad, when the dessert looks so divine. ( not all the time, just indulge) Yesterday I had a client say that she felt so guilty for eating a chocolate bar....”but it was a cheat day...”....what the heck is a cheat day? Are you being promiscuous with the other food in your pantry? if you consider the treats in your life to be cheating or sinful, you will fail. Eat the damn cake if it is in front of you. No need to be a glutton, but enjoy, and savour it, and don’t eat cake everyday.

Today...I attended the funeral of a friend. Her sister and I grew up together and I wanted to go to the visitation, offer my hugs and leave. As I approached the casket after offering my deepest condolences to a friend who lost a young sister, i was overwhelmed with distraught. Here lies a beautiful stunning young woman in her wedding gown, with no breath in her little body, and she looked like an angel. Young, stunning, peaceful and gorgeous.  And gone. I left and thought to myself... as i cried all the way home.... eat the damn cake. Enjoy your life. If you are worried about 5-10 lbs your problems are miniscule. Hug and love the one you’re with, and if you are not happy with the situation you are in, fix it. Pay it forward.

Yours in Health,

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