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To eat ribs or not to eat ribs... that is the question...

“Michelle Obama is fat, hypocrite.” (THIS IS NOT MY QUOTE, and is on please!)

Ok....I have said in the past, I don’t care if Jennifer Aniston eats baby food, and I have not even bothered to see if that works, I do get a little star struck every now and then, and have met my fair share of celebs, but when it comes down to moral issue and daily life, these people are people and live like you and I.

I was infuriated this morning when I opened yahoo news today and read the article from the Canadian Press regarding (Clearly overweight) Rush Limbaugh, SLAMMING Michelle Obama (Fit as a FIDDLE)...for eating short ribs over the weekend on a skiing break in Colorado with her children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm trying to say that our first lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you." Limbaugh
"The problem is — and dare I say this — it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice," Limbaugh said on his radio show earlier this week, referring to a meal of short ribs that Obama enjoyed over the weekend on a skiing break in Colorado with her children.

Ok, I don’t know a lot about American politics...way too complicated for my liking, but I am an advocate for healthy choices, family and hating Bullies! THIS MAN has outwardly and publicly slammed 1st Lady Obama for eating ribs, and not advocating healthy choices. God forbid her to sit down with her children and enjoy a meal. Listen to me! Make your choices to be 80/20. Please.  

It all comes down to how we perceive nutrition (Not the president’s wife here...) I meet with so many clients who say, “I can’t give up dark chocolate, or Pizza on Friday night with my kids, or Junior Mints at the movies.”

IT IS NOT CHEATING, OR A SIN to divulge in these delicious things ONCE IN A WHILE. Are you eating junior mints and pizza 5 days a week? That too, is 80/20 just backwards. HA.

Take a look at what you eat in a day, or even a week, and analyze for a minute. Is it 80% good choices? Do you need to tweak it? I guarantee you I aim for 75-90% of great choices, but there are treats I love, and I will not give them up for anyone. THIS Sunday is the OSCARS.  I am an OSCAR NUT, and have seen all of the movies, and you can be darn sure my friends and I will be having Black Swan Martinis and Cheese and Dip.

We live so constricted, and we punish ourselves with CRAZY DIET FADS THAT DO NOT WORK! They don’t!! They are not permanent, they are quick fixes, and I don’t really condone them. If you can maintain a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, and live with Vitality, WHO NEEDS A DIET! Change your way of thinking....and EAT THE DARN RIBS! (By the way, Do a google search of Michelle OBAMA pics, she is inspiring!) Rush Limbaugh....not so much.

Check out the whole article on yahoo news to read all of the juicy comebacks to Mr. Limbaugh. My take on it is, enjoy life, enjoy food, and don’t worry about what is on another individuals’ plate...who cares?

Yours in Health,

Michelle Obama is the wife of the President of the United States, Obama attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School before returning to Chicago and to work at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her future husband. Subsequently, she worked as part of the staff of Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, and for the University of Chicago Medical Center. She is the mother of two daughters, Malia and Sasha. As the wife of a Senator, and later the First Lady, she has become a fashion icon and role model for women, and a notable advocate for poverty awareness and healthy eating.

Rush Limbaugh is an American radio talk show host, conservative political commentator, and an opinion leader in conservative politics and conservatism in the United States. He hosts The Rush Limbaugh Show which is aired throughout the U.S. on Premiere Radio Networks and is the highest-rated talk-radio program in the United States.

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