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Strip Aerobics

Strip Aerobics is a combination of a strip workout (aka Strip Aerobics), Yoga, Pilates, Jazz dance, and a whole ‘lotta exotic maneuvers! It is great for any uber-femme that is interested moving her body naturally, unapologetically and freely. Strip Aerobics is the ultimate in women's fitness- all women are welcome in this fun, exciting

Newbies Need Not Fear Nakedness

Few strip classes encourage women to actually disrobe down to their skivvies in their cork stripper heels. Instead, the focus is on working your body and loving what you all ready have. Gyms that do permit mild stripping may allow wearing an oversized t-shirt with a halter or sports bra and tight biking shorts under some lightweight pants.

Learn the strip aerobics policy of your gym by talking to the instructor or class coordinator beforehand. Other tips beginners should keep in mind include:

  • Some classes may be mixed (though most are not), but it is still important to find out if the classes are females-only.
  • Figure out what room the class is held in; after all, the new stripper rarely wants an audience while she works on her moves.
  • Like any exercise, cardio strip workouts need to be done several times a week for maximum results.
  • Get the class schedule and find an instructor who challenges you for the best workout.
  • Cardio strip workouts can vary from gym to gym and instructor to instructor, so you may want to try a few different classes before settling on just one.
  • Beginners may want to stick with a simple floor exercise class, and move up to classes that require props like chairs or poles.

Although it may sound daunting, finding a place in class up front, near the instructor, can make the workout easier. You have a better view of exactly how to do the moves, as well as get more personal attention to correct any mistakes.

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