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Some more Myths for you! One more that has been previously discussed........(No....not the muffin top!)


TRUTH: I just love when people use the word "ZONE." "I am in the ZONE!!" There's no special magic to doing low-intensity exercise in the so-called fat-burning zone. While the body does use less fat and more carbohydrates for fuel during a more intense workout, what matters most for weight loss is the ultimate calorie burn. Our bodies burn fat when the amount of energy we expend is greater that the amount of calories we consume, and this deficit can be achieved in numerous ways. Low-intensity exercise can burn as many calories as high-intensity exercise but you'll be doing them ALOT longer until you reach the same caloric number burned in the end! One of the best ways to keep this successful is to continually SHAKE IT UP and mix up your workout.

MYTH #2: "I do 350 sit ups a day for a flat belly!!" (Not me....)

TRUTH: Spot reduction does not work. In other words, sit-ups or other targeted moves can't eliminate fat from specific parts of your body. Fat is stored throughout the body, and cardio or strength exercise and a healthy diet can help reduce fat stores from different areas, but won't necessarily from the area of the body you are exercising.I know! It's not fair and I am sorry!! Patience and a well-rounded workout program is the key to losing fat and keeping it off.

MYTH #3: Sally says "I don't do weights they make me alllll BULKY!

TRUTH: Building BIG muscles takes a lot of work, and women would have to spend hours in the gym, adhere to strict muscle-building diets and even use steroids to put on the kind of muscle size that men might. This is because women have very little testosterone compared to men, and testosterone is the hormone required to develop large muscles. Women hoping to tone up will actually get results more quickly if they're challenging the muscles with heavier weights. Research shows that building muscles with strength training, especially for women over 50, more effectively burns calories and enables one – while reducing calories – to lose weight faster. He notes that men, with more muscle mass, have an easier time of losing weight, even without reducing calories. Lifting weights by women drives weight loss.

Yours in health,
GI Jane

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