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To rest or not to rest on vacation, That is the question!!

Are you going camping or boating for holidays before Labour Day sneaks up and bites us like a pesty Georgian Bay Mosquito? Want to keep working out? Well,   I have two suggestions for you.

One.) Take a break for goodness sake you are on holidays and I am sure your body will adjust and adapt absolutely fine. Rejuvenation and rest is something we all physically need to do.

Two.) If you want to show the raccoons and some friends some inspiring workouts with little or no equipment then I suggest the following options, depending on your campsite.

Go for a hike, or swim or paddle to limber up first! Always a must.

Push ups 2 x 20
Triceps Dips 2 x 20 (use picnic table or lawn chair)
Bicycle crunches x 20
Plank 1 min
Side elbow planks 30 seconds each.
Step ups on a picnic table or knee height rock! X 20
Skater lunges x 30 Leap side to side like you have skates on.
Lunges x 50
Squats x 50 (Hold a case of a certain beverage while you do these)
Mountain Climbers 1 min (Push up position, and pull one knee at a time into the chest)
Rock jumps. x 20 (two foot take off and land with both feet at the same time. Start low and find something higher when you are comfortable)
Sprints to a certain point and back. Repeat 3X
Good old Swimming or even treading water. (Try just hands)
Kayaking at different speeds. Try bursts of paddling really hard, and then rest.
Side shuffle to a certain point and back
Double beer case (or some heavy object) rows x 20 Bent over row. Squeeze your glutes keep your back strong and lift the case to your chest and lower. (Don't drop it, you may wreck your buddies' weekend)
Bicep curls. (not with an open drink in our hand.)
High knees 1 min
Ok, I am gonna say it.....Burpees. They are effective and challenging. Enough said.

Try some or all of these on your vacation, and try your best to pack lots of fruits and veggies that are rich in colors, vitamins and antioxidants! Keep plenty of water on hand for rehydration from the sun alone, and have a great trip!

Yours in Health,

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