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These Olympics Games are making me tired just watching them!

I have been using toothpicks to hold my eyes open late at night to watch to games but I think we are all in the same boat! GO CANADA GO! What great games they have been so far! I have been able to catch at least every event at least once even if only for a minute or two and I have to say.... Aerials....REALLY????  It makes me cringe and cover my eyes like a horror movie. It looks death defying and miraculous. Who wakes up one day and says, I want to launch myself 50 feet into the air and spin and spin around 9 times and land on 2 long skiis....and do it well?

So who says you can't partake in Olympic adventures yourself and be fit and fabulous like our wonderful Canadian Athletes?

The following shows you how many calories (For a woman) you can burn in an hour. For all of you GI Joes... men's and women's bodies differ in the way their hormones act to shape the balance between muscle and fat and determine the size of our bones in order to cater to different stereotypical needs. For men, testosterone promotes larger bones, causes hair growth and deepens the voice. It also promotes greater muscle mass, which is a determinant of the metabolic rate. With more muscle mass, a person tends to burn the calories obtained from food faster. Metabolic rate is thus different between men and women and between overweight people and those who are fit.

Evidence points to the fact that when men and women performing the same training do not get the same results. Recent studies have also found that women gain weight faster than men and that they have a harder time getting rid of it through exercise. It seems that women have the hardship of having lower metabolism.

  120 lb woman 150 lb 5'9" woman 185 lb man 5'10"
Skiing 273 340 388
Snowboarding 273 340 388
X Country Skiing 436 476 543
Ice Skating 327 440 490
Ice Hockey 436 544 602
Sledding 327 367 466
Curling 161 183 234
Aerials (If you carry your skis up) 330 362 453
Speed Skating 780 857 807


Enjoy the rest of the games!

Yours in health....

See you all at ZUMBATHON March 15th NSSRC


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