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Olympic fever to OSCAR CRAZE!!

Ok....Sunday will mark my 10th Anniversary Party that I host each year and I am very excited, so this afternoon I sat myself down to another Oscar flick. I chose Food, INC. .....and WOW. Now granted it is a US production and affects a lot of their laws and government, I WILL LOOK AT HOW I EAT and FEED my Family differently. Please...go and rent this movie. This is not a great movie to watch but a MUST SEE.

Our society is eating FASTER FATTER BIGGER AND CHEAPER! This movie is another great reality check about our society's eating habits like SUPER SIZE ME.

To get the whole picture, see the movie, but here are some of the important points:

  • Income-level is one of the best indicators of obesity in this country. When a the Dollar Menu costs less than a broccoli spear, the working poor aren't making poor health choices, the choices are being made for them.
  • The factory system of food production has made the food industry faster and cheaper, but it imposes an unnatural diet and lifestyle on animals that promotes the growth of food-borne diseases like salmonella and E. coli.
  • A swinging gate and influence results in government agencies being penetrated by food executives and lobbyists. As an foreseeable consequence, laws protecting workers and consumers have been gutted, laws protecting corporate interests have been established, and agencies like the FDA have been stripped of much of their regulatory authority.
  • It is illegal in many instances to criticize food products.
  • Chicken farmers are poorly paid by poultry corporations and are kept in line because their business costs force them into debt.
  • Illegal, non-union laborers are brought in from Mexico; law enforcement cracks down on the exploited immigrants, but does nothing about the multimillion-dollar companies that brought them across the border.
  • The US government heavily subsidizes corn production, which is chemically altered into any number of substances, including the ever-present high fructose corn syrup; you know all those sugary soft drinks we complain kids drink too much of? Tax dollars pay to make it.

Food Inc may not change the way you eat, but it will remind you that what you eat, be it a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant or a tomato from the grocery, is produced through a process that is massive and beyond our wildest imaginations. A process that ranges from the farmer to the corporation to a political and judicial system that is designed to favor the status quo. While this is not a spoiler in any way, the film does end on a positive note during its closing credits: a written message appears on the screen to remind us that with every bite we eat, we are having a say in what it is we eat and how its produced. -Box office reviews.

After the movie, all the big burger commercials on regular NON Olympic broadcast TV made my husbands' and my stomach turn.......

Yours in health,

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