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Lets KICX some ABS!

New Years Resolutions were supposed to take place 11 weeks ago! Now we are into spring, and lot of people think....oh no...I didn't keep my resolution, and now I have to put on a bathing suit/tank top soon....Ab workouts are ON THE RISE!!! I could talk all day about Abs, but here is a little bit of insight.

Many people mistakenly think that they can spot reduce and burn fat from just around their waist by doing ab exercises, crunch machines, side bends etc....Exercising any single muscle group will NOT reduce enough calories to noticeably reduce fat. What's more, when fat stores do shrink, they do so ALL over the body and not just in the area worked.

To GET RID OF FAT regardless of the area worked you have to perform movements that involve as many major muscle groups as possible. Exercises like ZUMBA, walking, running, swimming, cycling, jumping rope...and do these things over a period of time!

To condition ab muscles it most effectively it is NECESSARY to do exercises that target the abs, not just movements where abs are playing a supporting role. Overload the abdominal muscles, FORCE them to work harder than they normally do....maybe like anyone you know?

Work them from many different angles so that all the fibres in the muscle get a workout.

So....should you do traditional "Sit ups"? NO

They are ineffective. Here is a simple trick to figure out the action and range of motion of your abdominals. Lie on your back and extend your legs. Your abs have the ability to raise your shoulders about 30 degrees off of the floor, and that's about it. Anything higher than that involves muscles other than your abs.

Remember: FAT reduction and muscle conditioning are two different processes.

Fat reduction involves a calorie deficit. Muscle conditioning requires doing exercises that target and overload a certain muscle and work it from a variety of angles.

Happy Spring everyone! Keep the questions coming!

Yours in health,
GI JANE (Raptor girl)  :)

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