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Kettlebell crazy! What's all the hype about?

It is a great Workout!

Oprah Dr. Oz and all the talk shows have been buzzing in the past few weeks on daytime TV....

Kettlebells are not the newest fitness regime but they are quickly becoming the popular go- to workout for a wide variety of people. Its round shape allows for movement with a great centrifugal force, circular motion and momentum. As long as there is clear instruction prior to the workout, kettlebells can be a very fun, effective and challenging workout that is time friendly, and engages many muscle groups including your core.

Kettlebell Safety

Like any strength equipment, kettlebells can cause serious injury when used inappropriately. Proper use requires strength, coordination and practice. Because most swing exercises require a higher amount of weight than the participant can typically press or pull, technique is extremely important. Each kettlebell exercise involves multiple joints and muscle groups plus momentum. It takes participants time to adjust to these new demands. Mastering the movement patterns requires guidance, instruction and patience. The biggest mistake beginners make is lifting a kettlebell that is too heavy to control. After the basics are mastered, increasing the weight can provide a strength workout unmatched by machines or even dumbbells.

Like any workout, injuries can happen if care is not taken, and practice and strength is required, so make sure you start small with your kettlebell and work your way up. Most swing exercises require momentum and a heavier weight than you could probably normally lift, technique is key. It takes time to get used to.

BACK. Kettlebell Exercises require back endurance and the use of the back extensors. Proper stance and positioning can decrease back pain and increase stamina. Form is extremely important.

Shoulders. An improved Range of Motion can be achieved with proper technique. Try to avoid "Building up" these muscles by overusing the shoulders primarily for your workout.

Arm Overload. It may appear that a kettlebell workout is all arms, but the swing is focused mainly on the HIP DRIVE which manipulates the lower body and core.

The back and shoulders act as stabilizers, not as primary movers, as they do not pull up or lift the kettlebell during the swing.

Give these handy weights a try with some direction, you can take your next workout to a whole new level!

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