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I sat in on a seminar with an M.S., R.D. the Director of Operations Hippocrates Health Institute, he sat on the Advisory Board of Sport NutritionVancouver 2010 Olympic Games. We analyzed EVERY DIET IN THE BOOK STORE!!!!

CHOOSE TO LOSE, Atkins South Beach, The Cookie Diet, Weight Watchers, Suzanne Somers, Cabbage Soup Diet, Eat Cheat and Melt Away Fat, Carb Lovers Diet, Picture Perfect Weight Loss, French Women Don’t Get Fat, Thin For Life, THE ABS DIET, THE OKINAWA PROGRAM, EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE, THE HOODIA MIRACLE DIET, EAT RIGHT LIVE LONGER...

61% of North Americans are overweight or obese (BMI > 25 or > 30)
Our Obesity rate has doubled!! (1980-15%, 2008-30%)
Obesity/ heart attack: Men are 3 times more likely and women are 4 X more likely to have a HEART ATTACK!.
In North America $75 billion DOLLARS are spent  on weight loss products & services.
50% of women & 25% of men are on a diet.


1. “Carbohydrates cause Obesity & Diabetes.”
2. “High Glycemic foods will make you fat.”
3. Eating CHO leads to a greater production of insulin which inhibits fat burning &increased fat storage. This leads to obesity& risk of diabetes.


1. Transports sugar from blood to cells.
2. Regulates liver glucose production.
3. Converts glucose into glycogen.
4. Increases protein & fat synthesis
5 Glucose goes to liver & muscle first then stored as fat.
6. Excess calories in any form causes hyperinsulinemia. (Excess insulin in your blood)
7. Risk factors for Type II diabetes are obesity, sedentary lifestyles & genetics.
8. Scientific evidence supports that obesity leads to insulin resistance.

Studies have shown overall that optimally the following percentages are healthy ranges to fill your day. Obviously ranges are set for different weights.

1. CHO: 45% - 65% (130g for optimal brain function)
2. PROTEIN: 10% - 35%
3. FAT: 20% - 35%
4. ADDED SUGARS: < 25% of total calories.

Nutrient Grams based on 2,000 calories daily.
Carbohydrates 225 to 325
Protein 50 to 175
Fat 44 to 78

Carbs are not your enemy, and rest his soul, but Dr. Atkins is not alive today and according to studies, died at 247lbs......hmmmmmmm


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Yours in health!

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