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Body Image

If you can't be with the one you love........LOVE the one you're with! (I mean you for goodness sake!)

Women are different than men… heard it here first. Everything about us from our bodies, hormones, brains, and metabolisms, to our needs and desires. We react differently to daily demands big and small. When we are happy, our homes are happy. When we aren't, it's obvious. Over the past hundred years, women around the globe have fought (or are fighting) for the right to a fulfilling career, relationship, family, home, wealth, health, body, sex & spiritual life. Many women are still learning how to balance all these areas, while many others feel totally confused. Unless we've done some serious soul-searching we are competitive and far too critical. We see ourselves through extremely scrutinizing eyes and think the world does too. Our hormones are out of balance, our weight is ballooning, our relationships are complicated and our finances are a mess!

Care for and value your body at all times.
Dress in a way that makes you feel good right now.
Find a physical activity that is pleasant and sustainable; accomplishing some- thing physical will boost your self-esteem.
Learn to trust your body.
Look in the mirror without judging yourself; view yourself as a whole person instead of compartmentalizing your body.
Set your goals in terms of achieving physical health and emotional well- being rather than obsessing about your physical appearance.

Is your body image negative or healthy?

Negative body image is:

  • having a distorted perception of your shape
  • believing that only other people are attractive
  • being ashamed, self-conscious and anxious about your body
  • feeling uncomfortable and awkward in your body

Positive body image is:

  • having a true perception of your shape
  • celebrating and appreciating your natural body shape
  • understanding that a person's physical appearance says very little about his or her character and value as a person
  • being proud and accepting of your unique body
  • refusing to spend an unreasonable amount of time worrying about food, weight and calories
  • feeling comfortable and confident in your body

Love yourself this Valentines day!

Yours in Health,

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