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2011.......Don't Make New Years Resolutions

The first day of a new year is a great day to look back at the previous year and look forward to the next. It is a day when many people examine themselves and consider what they should change going forward. New Year's resolutions may include exercising more (losing weight), spend more time with family, start a business, write more blog posts, go out more, etc.

New Year's resolutions are not effective ways to make or break habits. One of the hardest ways to break a habit (like smoking) is cold turkey. It is just as difficult to jump into a new habit and make it stick.

The best way to try to improve yourself, start good habits, or break bad habits is to regularly (not annually) evaluate yourself and take action immediately. Don't wait until New Year's to change.

Top 10 New Years Resolutions

#10 Get Organized
#9 Help Others
#8 Learn something New
#7 Get Out of Debt
#6 Quit Drinking
#5 Enjoy Life More
#4 Quit Smoking
#3 Tame the Bulge
#2 Fit in Fitness
#1 Spend more Time with Family and Friends

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On the About Calorie Count center, you can search a food and check out its calories, fat, sodium and other nutrition facts; you can enter your recipes and get the nutrition facts; and you can also browse the nice recipes submitted by its members.

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Besides weight loss, the website also offers stories about how to have a healthy living.

On the free weight loss website, you can check out the nutrition facts of the food cooked in different ways, you can search the activities and check out how many calories they will burn, you can create a weight loss goal and track your progress every day.

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There are many success weight loss stories on the website, and you can register and join the community discussion.

I am here for you in 2011. Happy New Year!
Yours in Health,

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